I had to travel to Dallas for business, and an old friend invited me to his cattle ranch for a few days. When he sent me the directions, he advised me to travel early because I wasn’t used to the heat. The directions seemed to be straightforward enough, so I had no fears as I headed out in my car. Everything went well until I left the highway for a two-lane road. After about an hour, my back passenger side tyre blew out.

I didn’t panic as I stopped the car, but I began to feel the first stirrings as I realized there was no cell service. I tried getting out of the car and holding the phone up, but there were still no bars. Realizing I was truly stranded, I thought it would be best to try changing the tyre myself.

It took only a few minutes in the desert sun for me to realize I wasn’t up to doing the job, but there was no traffic and no help available. After a few minutes, a pickup truck pulled up and a young woman climbed out. She asked me why I was stopped, and I explained about the tyre. She also saw that I had sweated through my clothes, and she asked me how much water I had been drinking. I told her that I didn’t have any water with me.

Looking disgusted, she handed me a bottle of cold water from a cooler in her front seat. She lectured me about the danger of not carrying water in the desert as she found my car’s tire jack and set about changing the tyre. I was amazed at how quickly she accomplished the change, and I thanked her profusely. She wished me luck on my journey and left. Last night, I woke up several times from dreams about her and hope we meet again.